ISSPD Congress - Copenhagen 2013

Keynote Lectures:

Glen O. Gabbard: The person with the illness

Larry Siever: New perspectives on neurobiology of personality disorders and implications as validators for diagnostic classification

Sigmund Karterud: Evolutionary perspectives on personality disorders

Michael Rutter: Do personality disorders constitute a meaningful diagnostic grouping?

W. John Livesley: Where is the person in personality disorder? Integrating diagnosei, assessment and treatment

Kate M. Davidson: The third wave in a sea of treatment for personality disorder?

John G. Gunderson: Psychodynamic perspectivs on BPD

Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory

Theodore Millons logoMCMI III (Millon clinical Multiaxial Inventory, 3. udgave) er et spørgeskema med 175 udsagn. Testen rummer mulighed for en beskrivelse af personlighedstræk, svær personlighedspatologi samt kliniske syndromer.

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